Why games getting uninteresting nowadays

I was searching for games when i thought that. In 2019, there was a lot of games with different gameplay. But there aren’t enough games for remember. When we were in 2017, game announces were coming continously and i was very exited about every games i’ve heard. But in 2018, we played RDR2 new styled God of War, ForzaH4, Marvel’s SM. But last year, there weren’t games to remember.

And i can say, games changed… Changed so damn fast. All game developers are making games open world, it’s just disgusting. I was trusting some companies can make AAA games with open world stuff like Rockstar with GTA;but now, i’m so sad to be say that open world concept is a time-adding stuff now. And i can’t trust to Rockstar too.

But just open world stuff not enough to games getting worse. Games are changed in their stories. Story is a big deal for making a game. Espacially old gamers will agree with me with stories is so important to buy a game. And all the companies making online their games. Online stuff is the one of the reason that kills story. Online must be alone in games.

Aral C. araloyun.com