It has been spoken for a while that the PlayStation 5 will be shown at the “Destination PlayStation” events on February 5th. Now, a new claim has been raised and it has been stated that Sony will make another big surprise and announce new hardware with PlayStation 5. Japan-based technology giant Sony will launch the PlayStation 5, which will add a new dimension to the gaming industry by the end of 2020. The company is very hopeful of the upcoming new game console. Although the company makes ambitious statements about PS5, gamers are not fully aware of the technical details of PlayStation 5 at the moment. Every year, Sony organizes an event called “Destination PlayStation”. As part of this event, which is generally held in February, the technology giant makes evaluations about the agenda and shares its new projects with its business partners and leading names in the industry. It is believed that Sony will show PlayStation 5 as part of upcoming events this year. Sony may introduce new virtual reality equipment with PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5 Now, some new claims have been thrown out and it has been stated that Sony has another big surprise with PlayStation 5 as part of the event to be held on February 5th. This surprise will be a new piece of equipment to be introduced with PlayStation 5. However, the owners of the claim in question have not made any statement about what this equipment is. RELATED NEWS Alternative PlayStation 5 Logos Stopping Stone at Sony’s Original Logo The alleged equipment is considered to be the next generation of virtual reality equipment. Because it is known that Sony is already working on new equipment, and within the scope of the introductions to be made, Sony can bring new virtual reality equipment developed in accordance with PlayStation 5 with its partners and industry leaders. PlayStation VR We have no knowledge of what Sony’s next-generation virtual reality equipment has to offer. Sony has shared exciting details about PlayStation 5 in its statements to date, but it hasn’t even given the slightest hint of next-generation virtual reality equipment.